Kubu Smart Lock

Be sure, it's secure

How often have you left your house
and two minutes later found yourself
wondering if your door is unlocked? 
We’ve all been there! With the
Kubu Smart lock you will never have
to worry if your door is unlocked again.

Hurst Doors* are supplied with Kubu Equipped Door Locks as standard. As well as providing one the securest locks on the market, it provides the option of purchasing and activating the Kubu Smart Kit. A clever piece of technology which works via a sensor module which you simply place into to your door and is then easily controlled via an App on your iPhone or Android. 

Both affordable, simple to set up and easy to use, it gives you and your family guaranteed peace of mind that your door is secure. 

*not available on slam shut doors or stable doors

See Kubu in action

The benefits of Kubu Smart Technology

Realtime Status Check

Using the App, you can check if your doors are locked or unlocked, at any time of day and from any location. There is also a visual indicator which you plug into the wall.


With every turn of the key you can be notified whenever the door is locked or unlocked.

Perimeter Feature

As soon as you disconnect from the WiFi, the handy perimeter feature will let you know if you’ve left home without locking your door.

Door History

The App provides a complete history of whenever someone has locked or unlocked the door, ideal for monitoring any suspicious activity.

Amazon Alex Integrated

Kubu is not simply a standalone smart device, it integrates seamlessly into the home by communicating with your Amazon Alexa.

Share with the Family

The Kubu App allows you to share the status of your doors with up to 4 other members of your friends of family.

Set Schedules

The App enables you to set schedules and create alerts to check the status of your door at anytime.

High Value Guarantee

For extra peace of mind, the lock comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee and you can also activate an additional £1,000 guarantee*.

So how does Kubu work?

Once your installer has fitted your Hurst door with Kubu Equipped door lock, you simply purchase the Kubu kit directly from the Kubu website – www.kubu-home.com 

Once you receive your kit, the system is set up in three easy steps. 

  1. Fit the Kubu door module which
    contains a sensor, into the Kubu
    equipped door lock
  2. Plug in the Kubu home hub which
    then connects to your home 
  3. Download the App from the App store onto your iPhone or Android.Within a few minutes, the sensor, hub and phone will all connect to each other and you’re ready to start tracking the status of your door. It’s that simple! 

View the demonstration

For more information about Kubu visit the Kubu website www.kubu-home.com 

If you have any questions about the Kubu smart kit, the Kubu service team are on hand to help and can be contacted on 0330 555 9545 

*Please note Kubu Smart Technology Door lock is not available on slam shut doors or stable doors. Home Hub Kit and Door module required to activate Smart Lock.

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