Composite Door Colours – Blue

Blue Composite Doors

Composite Door Colours

Blue doors bring a sense of vibrancy and character to homes, offering a refreshing and distinctive choice for your home. From the calming tones of Duck Egg or Powder Blue to the bold statements made by Violet Blue or Peacock Blue, blue doors contribute to a diverse range of aesthetics, making it the perfect focal point.

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Blue Doors for All Styles

Whether part of a modern design seeking a pop of colour or a traditional home embracing a timeless hue, blue doors have the ability to complement a wide range of house styles, adding character and charm to each architectural aesthetic. Let’s take a look at how blue doors work for different house and door styles… 

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Blue Doors for Traditional Homes

Opting for blue on traditional style doors such as those featured in our Classic Collection, add a touch of timeless elegance, infusing a classic aesthetic with a refreshing and sophisticated vibrancy. 

Whether set against natural brick or neutral exteriors, blue doors seamlessly integrate into the traditional charm, creating a visual focal point that stands out without overshadowing the buildings architecture. 


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Blue Doors for Cottage Style Homes

A blue door on a cottage-style home infuses a sense of charm and whimsy, enhancing the cozy and inviting atmosphere of this architectural style. 

Soft blues such as our Pastel Blue or Powder Blue are perfect colours for cottage style doors. These tones harmonise effortlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a picturesque and timeless aesthetic. 

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Blue Doors for Modern Homes

Blue doors on modern or contemporary homes provide a bold aesthetic to contemporary design. Darker shades of bue are particularly popular and those such as such as our Peacock Blue, Celeste Blue, Violet Blue or traditional standard Blue work well on contemporary homes . These colours create a dynamic focal point against the clean lines and minimalistic  characteristics of modern architecture and they work well with the contemporary style doors that are featured in our Contemporary Collection.  


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Choosing Your New Blue Door With Hurst

At Hurst, we have a wide variety of composite door colours including a selection of blue door colours. From the Celeste Blue and Peacock Blue to Violet Blue and Pastel Blue, you’re bound to find the perfect grey front door or back door for all home styles, architects and aesthetics.

Need Help Choosing a Composite Door Colour?

With over 1,600 composite door colour options to choose from, choosing your new front door colour can be a big decision. That’s why we’ve created our useful video guide with considerations and tips when it comes to selecting a door colour.

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