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In a secure home, the door plays a pivotal role. The unsettling fact is, the majority of break-ins occur through the front door. With Hurst Composite Doors, you’re not just selecting an entrance, but embracing superior security combined with elegance. Seamlessly blending robust materials, our doors can not only meet the requirements of Secured by Design but also feature locking systems that meet the highest standards. Safe with Hurst ensures your home and family remain fully protected in style.

Secured by Design is a flagship UK police initiative supporting the use of ‘designing out crime’ through the use of high-quality innovative products and processes. In order to achieve Secured by Design status, our composite door has been rigorously tested and must adhere to the organisation’s strict standards.  

Statistics show that when it comes to burglaries in the UK, front doors are the main source of access. Therefore, they need to made as secure as possible. Our Secured by Design upgrade meets the national standard for safer homes and is also recognised by most insurance companies. The Secured by Design standard upgrade includes:

  • A security cowl if a letterplate is required
  • A safety chain
  • A spyhole
  • Laminated glass if the door is glazed

Locking Systems

All of our engineered locking systems meet the highest standards for enhanced security performance.

Kubu Equipped Door Lock

The majority of composite doors which are commonly specified with a lever/lever and lever/pad handle are supplied with a Kubu equipped door lock as standard This highperformance, dedicated composite door multi-point locking system is not only set for smart technology, it provides the UK’s largest hooks and centre dead bolt at 25mm, which makes for greater compression and security on a closed door. For a smooth precise operation, the hooks are engaged when the handle lever (located halfway up the door) is lifted and then the door is simply locked/ unlocked by using the keyMeeting the requirements of PAS 24 and Secured by Designthe lock comes with a 10 year mechanical warranty and an additional £2,000 security guarantee.  Visit the Kubu page for more details.

Slam Lock

The high performance, multi-point Slam Lock is PAS 24 tested and generally used in conjunction with ‘Pull’ handles. The mechanical self-locking system ensures that the door is securely locked against uninvited entry when simply pulled shut. As soon as the door is closed, the two automatic latchbolts throw 20mm and are secured to prevent them being forced back. From inside, the latchbolts are retracted and the door opened by using a thumb turn, key or door handle. From outside, the latchbolts are retracted and the door opened by a turn of the key which is situated halfway up the door.

Heritage Slam Lock

The Heritage Slam Lock will help you achieve a classic door appearance which is both secure and functional. While the Heritage Slam Lock works in a similar way to the Slam Lock, it has three automatic latchbolts and the lock is positioned two thirds of the way up the door. Simply by closing the door, the top and two bottom latches strike the keep and fully engage to become secure deadbolts.


Standard Cylinder

Meeting the requirements of Secured by Design and PAS 24, all Composite Collection doors come as standard with a Kitemarked euro cylinder which is combined with a cylinder guard to provide a 3 Star security solution. Made from hardened steel the cylinder teamed with cylinder guard is designed to protect against drilling, picking, twisting and bump attacks.

Designed to combat against all known methods of attack on a euro cylinder, Avocet’s accredited ABS Ultimate 3 Star Diamond Cylinder option has built in “Active Cam” technology with an advanced internal locking system that prevents access to the inner workings of the door bolt if snapped on the outside. Given this unprecedented level of security, in the event a burglar was able to gain access to your property by snapping the ABS Cylinder, Avocet will pay £2,000* in compensation to the homeowner. *Ts & Cs apply

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