Colour your Home

Our Premium Sprayed Colour Service provides a vast array of door colours to complement your glass designs and hardware options. Make your door stand out – whether that’s bright blues for a bold look or gentle greys that blend harmoniously with the style of your home.

Choose from the extensive RAL range of colours and make your door truly unique.

Design Your Door

Colour Inspiration

Door Style: Composite Half Moon Three

Colour: Pastel Blue

Glass: Murano Blue

Composite Doors

Colour Inspiration

Door Style: Select Long Rectangle

Colour: Peacock Blue

Glass: Deco Mirrored (Clear Backing Glass only)

Composite Doors

Colour Inspiration

Door Style: Composite Four Glazed

Colour: Silk Grey

Glass: Alpine (Clear Backing Glass only)

Composite Doors

Colour Inspiration

Door Style: Bohemia Four Rectangles

Colour: Anthracite Grey

Glass: Sandblasted

Composite Doors

Colour Inspiration

Door Style: Composite Half

Colour: White

Glass: Platinum Elegance

Composite Doors

Colour Selection

Standard Colours

Colour image


RAL 9016
Colour image


RAL 3011
Colour image


RAL 6009
Colour image


RAL 5004
Colour image


RAL 9005

Standard Plus Colours

Colour image


Colour image


Colour image

Chartwell Green

Colour image

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Premium Colours

Colour image

Buttercup Yellow

RAL 1021
Colour image

Candy Red

RAL 3018
Colour image

Pastel Violet

RAL 4009
Colour image

Purple Violet

RAL 4007
Colour image

Pigeon Blue

RAL 5014
Colour image

Traffic Blue

RAL 5017
Colour image

Pastel Blue

RAL 5024
Colour image

Powder Blue

RAL 240 80 10
Colour image

Peacock Blue

RAL 5020
Colour image

Duck Egg

RAL 180 80 10
Colour image

Reed Green

RAL 6013
Colour image

Slate Grey

RAL 7015
Colour image

Dusty Grey

RAL 7037
Colour image

Silk Grey

RAL 7044
Colour image


RAL 9001
Text and image

What's your Inspiration?

If you want your door to be unique but you’re unsure what colour to choose, why not take inspiration from the things you love and that surround you.

It could be the new colour you’ve painted the hallway or you could be inspired by the colours of your favourite football team, treasured car, cherished coat or even a beloved pet.

Whatever your preference we have the perfect colour for your door!

your Door

With thousands of door combinations to choose from, design the perfect door for your home today and receive a quote from your local installer.

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