Fire Door Performance & Compliance

A fire door is a carefully engineered safety product and a crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building. It is designed to save lives and property by delaying the spread of fire.

Before a fire door can be sold in the market it must be tested to prove that it performs and complies with strict safety and building regulations.

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Third Party Certification

Under the current Building Regulations, all new flat entrance doors must be furnace tested to both sides and be to FD30s standard. This means the fire door must provide fire resistance of no less than 30 minutes and be resistant to the passage of smoke at room temperature conditions. In addition, the fire door must meet the requirements of Secured By Design.

The Neuma fds FD30 GRP composite fire door system is certificated by the BM Trada Q mark Scheme as an FD30s doorset and holds triple certification for fire, smoke and security, having been tested to EN 1634-1 2014 and PAS 24:2022.


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What testing has the fds fire door undertaken?

  • 60 individual test specimens were subject to 30 bi-directional fire tests, achieving on average 44 minutes integrity, proving consistency.
  • All 60 were independently tested to EN1634-1: 2014 by EU notified body test houses.
  • Both solid and glazed door leaf options were tested, either with or without overhead fanlights and/ or sidelights.
  • All doorsets featured auto-throw locks and were tested with letter plates, viewers and door closers included.
  • Tests were conducted in three countries, to address potential variables in furnaces.
  • Test specimens were installed in both rigid and flexible supporting wall construction – blockwork, steel and timber stud.
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Fire Door Performance

Not only does the Neuma fds FD30 GRP composite fire door system demonstrate integrity against fire, it has proven performance relative to:

  • Ambient smoke control (EN1634-3:2004) – Satisfying the requirements of Approved Document B of building Regulations
  • Enhanced Security (PAS24:2022) and Secured by Design (SBD) accredited – meeting the SBD Police Preferred Specification security requirements
  • Weather Performance (BS 6375) – Delivering impressive results against both air and water leakage
  • Sound Insulation – tested and proven to reduce noise by 33db, this is above the minimum standard required by Approved Document E of building Regulations
  • Thermal performance (Approved Document L) – Overall doorset performance is 1.6w/m2K unglazed and 1.8w/m2K glazed

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