Fire Door Installation & Traceability

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Fire Door Installation

Incorrectly installed fire doors and doors fitted with incompatible components risk lives. 

Installers of Hurst composite fire doors must be competent and understand their responsibility for the correct installation of fire doors. It’s crucial to strictly follow the detailed installation instructions provided. Failure to do so not only compromises product integrity but also risks lives, invalidating warranty and certification.

To find out more about third party certification for fire door installation, visit BM Trada’s website.


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Fire Door Identification and Traceability

A fire doorset supplied by Hurst can be identified by a label on the top of the door, which states the manufacturer’s name, unique identifying number and manufacturing date.  A series of coloured plugs are also applied to the hinge side of the door. The plug will be yellow to denote that the door has an integrity period of a minimum 30 minutes. The plug will also include a coloured tree symbol, these will be:

1 – Orange tree – Approved factory fitted glazing supplied

2 – Silver tree – A complete certified factory hung fire doorset

The plug also provides Hurst’s unique members’ certification number. This provides a critical traceability link from the doorset back to the manufacturer and relevant certification throughout the lifetime of the product.

Plugs must not be removed during the installation or adjustment of a fire door set.

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Fire Door Maintenance & Inspections

Under the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, responsible persons must conduct quarterly inspections of all fire doors, including self-closing devices, within common areas of multi-occupied residential buildings over 11 meters in height. Flat entrance doors leading to communal areas should be checked annually to ensure their continued effectiveness in controlling fires by containing heat and smoke.

For buildings with continuous fire door usage, more frequent checks are advisable. Additionally, the regulations require responsible persons to inform residents of multi-occupied buildings with two or more sets of domestic premises about the crucial role fire doors play in ensuring building safety during fires.

Helping You Achieve A Digital Golden Thread

At Hurst, we prioritise safety, compliance, and transparency. Our customers value having certifications and documentation easily accessible in digital format for full transparency and ease of reference. Our team ensures availability of test evidence, certifications, datasheets, and installation instructions.

As a responsible manufacturer, we retain fire door manufacturing records for 10 years in line with UKCA marking and conformity requirements.

Fire Doors


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