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Grey Colour Range

Composite Door Colours

Grey doors provide a timeless and versatile elegance that complements a variety of architectural styles. The neutrality of grey allows it to seamlessly blend with both traditional and modern exteriors, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking a sophisticated and understated look.  

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Grey Doors for All Styles

Whether part of a contemporary property with clean lines or a traditional home with period details, grey front doors contribute to a cohesive and stylish exterior, making a subtle yet impactful statement that stands the test of time. 

A grey door, with its versatile and neutral nature, proves to be an excellent choice across various house and door styles, seamlessly adapting to different architectural aesthetics. Here are some suggestions for incorporating a grey composite door into different house styles… 

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Grey Doors for Traditional Homes

The choice of a grey for a traditional-style door, such as those from our Classic Collection* provides a sophisticated and timeless look, while adding a contemporary twist.

Grey doors, whether in shades of Anthracite Grey, Slate Grey, or a lighter grey such as Goosewing Grey or Silk Grey, serve as a versatile backdrop for decorative accents like traditional hardware or wreaths, allowing homeowners to personalise the entryway.  


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Grey Doors for Cottage Style Homes

Grey cottage style doors bring a contemporary touch to the quaint charm and cosiness characteristic of farmhouse style properties. The versatility of grey allows it to adapt to the rustic and traditional elements found in cottage-style homes. 

We particularly see subtle greys such as our Silk Grey or Goosewing Grey work well with this style, providing a warm and calming feel to any cottage home.  

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Grey Doors for Modern Homes

Grey is a colour palette that has become increasingly popular over recent years, in particular those with modern or contemporary style homes. Grey is the perfect colour for a modern style door such as those found in our Contemporary Collection, creating a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, perfectly complementing the clean lines and contemporary design elements of the property.  

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Choosing Your New Grey Door With Hurst

At Hurst, we have a wide variety of composite door colours including a selection of grey door colours. From the ever-popular Anthracite Grey to our Basalt Grey, Slate Grey and Goosewing Green to Silk Grey, you’re bound to find the perfect grey front door or back door, for all styles of property.


We understand what a big decision it is choosing the colour of a new front door. So, we’ve created a useful video guide including helpful tips and things to consider when choosing your new composite door colour.

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