When Should you Consider Replacing Your Front Door?

When should you consider replacing your front door? To help you decide, we’ve listed the top signs to look out for...

Published: 05th January 2022

It is essential that your front door is in good condition to ensure the security of your home for insurance purposes, and to keep your family and valuables safe. As well as this key consideration, other factors such a damaged or leaking door can lead to rising energy bills, making a big hole in your wallet and poor aesthetics could be leaving a bad impression on your visitors.  

So when should you consider replacing your front door? To help you decide, we’ve listed the top signs to look out for below. 

Is your current door damaged? 

One of the biggest indications that a door may need replacing is signs of physical damage such as cracks, warping, rotting, broken seals and holes. These can compromise the structural integrity of the door over time and can be detrimental to how it performs.   

Our composite doors have the benefit of a high impact glass reinforced polyester skin (GRP), which offers exceptional durability and will maintain its appearance against everyday knocks and scratches. Unlike timber doors, they don’t warp, split or twist. 

Our PVC-U doors are also just as durable as our composite door option as the door skin is impervious to water and is resistant to everyday knocks and scratches. 

Is your front door difficult to use? 

Open to the elements, doors are subjected to wear and tear over their lifetime, and they can be damaged in various ways from everyday use which can lead to restricted movement. If you notice you’re having difficulty opening and closing your door, or it is sticking in Winter but opens easily in Summer, then it could be that your door needs replacing.  

Are you suffering from draughts in your home and low temperature control?
A draughty door can often lead to homes feeling rather chilly during those cold Winter months. If you’re experiencing cold air travelling through your home and high energy bills, then it’s time to invest in a new front door. Regularly check the edges of the door and seals around the glazing cassette, as these are the main areas draughts can creep into the home. If you’re seeing light from the inside or outside without the door being open, it’s a sign your door is no longer protecting your home against the elements.  

Not only do our composite doors feature a high performing insulating core with a high impact GRP skin, but they also have several key draught-proofing features, including:  

  • a multi-chamber thermally efficient frame with high-tech triple seal  
  • an external door gasket and adjustable hinges to deliver a firm and consistent compression between the door frame and sash, to stop any draughts  
  • double or triple glazing to reduce heat loss   
  • a weatherproof threshold, plus weatherseal and wool pile barriers to reduce the airflow under and around the door 

Are your energy bills increasing?
If you’re looking for a simple way to reduce your energy consumption, investing in a thermally efficient door should feature in your plans.  

  • Preserving precious heat in your home means that you will be less reliant on your central heating, meaning you’ll save money in the long-term. 
  • When you’re looking for an energy efficient door, note the U Value, this measures how well the door keeps heat inside a building. The higher the U Value, the less efficient your components will be, remember a good U Value is a low one.  
  • Read more about the U value and thermal efficiency credentials of our PVC and composite doors. 

Do you feel secure in your home?
As most break-ins are through the front door, your home is at risk if your door does not secure properly, and you should look to invest in a new front door as soon as possible.  

Our composite doors hold the highest accreditations for quality and security, so you can have peace of mind that the door construction – with its rigid polymer subframe, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, integral security board and high impact GRP skin – will keep your property safe and secure. In addition, all our composite doors are enhanced with an insurance approved, high security, multi-point locking system as standard, ensuring your family and home are fully protected. 

We have also partnered with Kubu, meaning that our composite door locks not only offer the largest hooks and bolts on the market, but the Kubu equipped door lock is set for smart technology, offering security conscious homeowners the ability to check whether their door is locked or unlocked at any time, from anywhere, via their Smartphone. Find out more about Kubu smart locks here. 

Read more about our composite door locking systems and security credentials. 

Is your front door letting the kerb appeal of your home down?
If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your home then replacing the front door will not only add kerb appeal, but it could also add value to your home if you’re considering selling in the near future. Even if your door is undamaged, replacing an old, tired door with a new, more contemporary style or colour can be an affordable and easy way to really enhance your entrance.  

Both our composite and PVC-U door collections provide a vast array of classic and contemporary door styles and colour options as well as a wide range of complementary glazing designs and hardware options. Start designing your new door today! 

Find the door that’s right for you.
There are a number of considerations to take into account when you’re choosing a new entrance door for your home, so to help, we recommend reading our blog on choosing a new door for your home. 

If you need any further advice, then our network of installers are always ready to help you find a door that is perfect for your home. Whether you choose to invest in our PVC-U or composite door types, you can tailor the door design to your specific needs and wants. From vast colour options, glazing, hardware and locking systems, rest assured that no matter which decisions you make, your new Hurst door will look beautiful, provide safety and security and last for many years to come.