A Guide to Choosing the Right Door Colour For Your Style Home

Published: 30th May 2023

Are you planning a new front door for your house but not sure what colour best suits your home? From light pastels to rich hues, this short guide will help you choose the perfect front door colour for your property style.

Why Door Colours Matter

With such a wide variety of composite door colours on the market, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing the right door colour for your home. However, there are many benefits to taking the time to ensure you choose the right colour:

  • It’s the first thing you and your guests see when they visit your home, so your door colour should reflect your style and who you are. Find out what your door colour says about you.
  • It has an impact on kerb appeal. If you’re looking to sell your house in the future, your door colour could have an influence on how attractive your property is to potential buyers.

While there are no right or wrong colours, specific colours and palettes are more well suited to specific style homes.

Period Properties

Period properties are usually associated with traditional features and colouring. Deep tones such as rich blues like our Peacock blue, reds, blacks or tranquil greens like our Reed Green from our composite door colour range work especially well on these period properties. These particular colours paired with a decorative glass provide the ultimate traditional aesthetic.

blue composite door


Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes such as new build properties tend to have modern, neutral features, and these can be complemented with a classic palette such as a black, white or grey, such as a silk grey or slate grey front door. This colour palette will provide your modern property with that sleek and elegant finish and works perfectly with light brick colours.

contemporary composite door


Country-style Properties

Because country-style properties such as cottages provide a natural, warming exterior, usually with natural wood stains and light brick, our woodgrain colours such as oak and rosewood or warm, pastel colours perfectly harmonise with this style property. Colours like a light pink, blue or green such as a Chartwell green door are the perfect accompaniment to a country property and complement their natural surroundings.

cottage composite door


Terraced Homes

Terraced houses tend to be amongst other houses of a similar style, age and colour brickwork, so it can be difficult to make your property stand out. That’s why we would always recommend bright colours to make your front door pop and provide a unique edge. Colours such as sunny yellows, bright reds, pinks and blues are perfect door colours for a terrace house.

red composite door


Should Your Front Door be the Same Colour on the Inside as the Outside?

When it comes to composite doors, your door can be  the same colour inside as it is on the outside or you can choose an alternative. White is generally the most popular colour for the inside. However, there are certain times when you may make an exception:

  • If your front door opens into a large hallway such as in a large period property, a dark, striking door colour following through onto the inside can really compliment the interior’s aesthetics and become a focal point. If your door opens into a living room area, you may want to keep the inside of your door neutral to complement your interior.
  • If the door colour you have opted for is already a muted shade such as black or grey, then depending on your interior colour schemes, this could really complement it and provide a nice contrast.

 Our Final Top Tips for Choosing a Door Colour

While we’ve highlighted what colours work best with which style of property, we have a few extra tips to help you to choose that perfect door colour:

  • Work with your surroundings – choose a door colour that complements the surroundings, instead of works against them. |It’s worth considering what colour are your window panes? Is your house exterior neutral and needs a bold colour to make it stand out, or is your home dark and needs a lighter front door colour? What colour is your brickwork?
  • Don’t forget to incorporate your door’s glass design into the decision-making process. If your door has a glass panel, it’s important to opt for a colour that works together with this.
  • Visualise it first with a door designer – If you want to see how your door colour will look on a door, we would always recommend building your door using our door designer to see how the colour really looks before you make your decision.

For more advice on choosing your new front door, speak to one of our door specialists today.