What Your Door Colour Choice Says About You

What colour is your front door? Does it express your personality? 

If you’re looking to spruce up your property, investing in a new front door is a great way to transform the exterior of your home. In this blog you'll find insight and inspiration to help you make the right colour choice.

Published: 25th January 2022

Colour choices, from the way you dress to how you choose to decorate your home, can give a fascinating insight into your personality and character. Research by Dulux Weathershield has revealed that Brits make assumptions about a homeowner in less than 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door. So, what does the colour of your door say about you? 

In this blog post, we give an insight into your door colour choice and what impression your door is giving to your guests. So, if you’re looking to invest in a new front door, this blog will give you plenty of inspiration to make the right colour choice for you, your family and your home.  


Let’s start with the traditional, timeless favourite that everyone loves and is a safe choice that fits with the style of any house – the classic, white front door.  

Our most popular homeowner colour choice for many years, white can give your guests the impression that what lies beyond the door, is a smart, neat and organised interior whilst also giving the homeowner a blank canvas to dress and accessorise with a range of wreaths, ribbons and garden flowers to meet trends, seasonal events or changing styles. 

Black is another classic colour option, and one that will suit any style of property. Let’s not forget it is also the colour of choice for the iconic 10 Downing Street front door.  

Following a close second behind white in popularity, black provides a more dramatic welcome to the home. This elegant choice can present a strong-willed and independent personality type. In addition, black is perfect for contemporary or traditional homes and suits all door styles, which can be great fun to dress up in Winter with striking, stand out Christmas decorations or in Summer with bright flowering hanging baskets.

From Anthracite Grey to Silk Grey and every shade in between, the colour grey is another timeless neutral, which works well with a variety of design styles. Pale, Silk Grey is a very calming colour, providing a practical, tranquil environment, while darker shades of grey such as Dusty Grey, Slate Grey and Anthracite Grey can communicate strong and decisive tendencies. 

Grey has been a huge trend across home décor and furnishings and given it has been our third best-selling colour for the past few years, we don’t anticipate the demand for grey front doors slowing down any time soon! 

Those who choose blue are considered to be confident and dependable. No wonder it’s most people’s favourite colour, and ranked 4th in our popularity stakes over the past year! Lighter blue tones, such as our soft Powder Blue, Pastel Blue and warmer Pigeon Blue convey a connection to nature, whereas darker, navy such as our standard blue and royal blue hues, for instance Traffic blue, reflect intelligence and self-assuredness.  

Inspired by nature, green can be another calm and tranquil colour choice and, being located at the centre of the colour spectrum, it’s considered the pigment of balance, stability and restoration. Whilst light green hues such as our highly popular Chartwell Green, our 5th biggest-selling colour of 2021, can represent luck and optimism, deeper, richer, jewel-toned greens such as our standard deep Green and Reed Green, pictured here, can also make a strong statement and ensure that your door stands out from those of your neighbours 

Red is a timeless, traditional and strong colour choice for front doors, bringing an inviting warmth to your entranceway, especially during the Winter months. People who like red are seen as adventurous and radiate such energy that you’re fun to be around. Red doors have been in our top 10 colours for the past 15 years. From our deep, rich standard red to our bright Candy Red, you can be sure our red doors will illuminate your home. 
Did you know that in Scotland, a red door can indicate that your mortgage has been paid off?  Or that London has been identified as the region with the most red doors? 

Since Pantone declared Rose Quartz its colour of the year in 2016, pink has grown in popularity and we’re starting to see this trend in door colours. Considered to be a happy, positive and vibrant colour, pink evokes feelings of excitement, fun and love. Homeowners with pink front doors are often perceived to be cheerful, vibrant, quirky and thoughtful people as the colour is thought to stimulate conversation and help people feel more connected. With over 1,600 colour options to choose from, you can pick any shade from Salmon Pink to Bubblegum Pink, to Blush Pink to Baby Pink and everything in between. 

Will you choose this playful colour for your new front door? 

A deeper purple, such as our Purple Violet can ooze sophistication whereas a more unusual, softer tone, such as Pastel Violet seen here, shows a creative and passionate personality. As an added bonus, in the traditional Chinese practice of feng shui, it’s said that a purple door will invite opportunities into your home.   

Although it’s not a standard door colour choice, if you choose a purple front door, you’ll be sure to show your neighbours that you’re not afraid to make a statement.

Are you a joyful person who loves welcoming guests into your home? If so, then sunny, bright yellow, such as our Buttercup Yellow, may be just the colour you need for your new front door!  

Yellow is reported to promote the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter chemical that contributes to a feeling of well-being – it’s for this reason that those with yellow front doors are thought to be the friendliest hosts.  

So, tell us – what’s the colour of your front door? Does it express your personality? 

If you’re looking to spruce up your property, investing in a new front door is a great way to transform the exterior of your home. Not only can a colourful door add a little personality to your property, but it can also help increase its Kerb appeal and the value of your home if you ever come to sell. Design your own door with us today using our online door designer and start transforming your home. 

Do you need some inspiration to find a brand-new style for your door? If so, why not browse our full range of composite and pvc-u doors to see which doors you could customise? Or visit our Instagram or Pinterest and be inspired by other homeowners and their door designs. Whatever your preference, we have the perfect door for your home.