Spring Door Décor: Décor for All Door Types

Published: 18th January 2023

As spring is upon us, it’s time to transition our homes from winter décor to springtime styling. As the temperatures rise, the days grow longer and the flowers begin to bloom, we’re looking at how to match our door décor to suit the season.

So, with that being said, let’s talk all things Spring door décor…



One of the easiest choices for refreshing your door with the seasons is a door wreath. From holly wreaths and berries to autumnal wreaths with faux leaves and pumpkins, door wreaths are great for accessorising your door all year round.

When it comes to spring doors, we’re talking floral. From eucalyptus to lavender and gypsophila, adding bold and bright colours to your wreath will give it the spring feel and emphasise new beginnings.

In our opinion, there isn’t a door type that doesn’t look good with a wreath on. From cottage-style doors to Edwardian front doors, adding a wreath is guaranteed to add kerb appeal.


spring wreath spring door decor 



Door Colour Refresh

Albeit a little more work than attaching a wreath to your door, updating your door colour not only freshens up the door itself but by adding some pastel colours to your door such as yellow, pink, green and blue can really give your door that Spring feels.

When it comes to repainting your door, we would always recommend seeking professional advice from an installer first as it may be difficult, depending on the type of door you have, to paint over the original colour without it looking untidy.

If you’re wanting a door colour refresh, you may consider replacing your existing door with a new one. With such a wide variety of door styles and over 1600 door colours for you to choose from at Hurst, finding your perfect replacement should never be a problem.


blue front door



Decorate around the door with flowers

Adding spring florals to your house exterior doesn’t have to be limited to your door either. If you’re struggling to hang a wreath without ruining your door, then you might want to opt for decorating the surrounding areas such as around the doorway, over an archway or on a porch.

Floral garlands are a big statement door piece and can be made up of freshly bloomed flowers, dried flowers or artificial flowers. Whichever way you choose to create your floral garland, there will be something to suit all budgets and house types.


navy blue composite door



Adding Greenery

Adding greenery to the exterior of your house is a great way to make your house brighter this spring. Planting tubs or borders with spring florals is not only beneficial for reducing air pollution and surrounding nature, but they are also a really attractive addition to any property providing a welcoming and relaxing feel.


greenery around composite door


Freshening up the house exterior

Freshening up the house exterior around the door can really make an impact to your overall property’s look. Painting the surrounding wall/porch around your door in spring colours is a simple yet effective change that can really change the look of your house for the season, without spending too much time or money.

cottage style composite door



Hello Spring, we are ready for you

From Victorian doors to composite stable doors, no matter what your style door we hope we’ve managed to provide some inspiration for spring door décor for all door types and personal styles. Whether you’ve got a small budget or you’re wanting to splash some cash to refresh your door this spring, there are plenty of ways to instantly boost the kerb appeal of your house and get you spring-ready.