What is a Smart Lock and How Does it Work?

What is a Smart Lock and How Does it Work?

Published: 30th May 2023

Experts are warning that the cost-of-living crisis could have a significant impact on the rate of domestic burglaries[1], so naturally, security is at the forefront of homeowners’ minds. Because most break-ins happen through the front door, we make the safety of your home a priority when it comes to designing your door.

While all of Hurst’s composite doors hold the highest performance and security accreditations, we take security one step further by including Kubu smart locks with the majority of our composite doors as standard.

In this blog, we’re going to look into what a Kubu smart lock is and why they are so beneficial.

What is a Smart Door Lock?

We’ve all done it, left the house and questioned whether we’ve locked the door or not. A Smart lock solves this.

A Kubu smart lock is a lock for your door that enables you to check via your Smartphone or via a smart speaker such as Alexa whether your front door is locked or unlocked. Hurst’s Kubu smart lock works by connecting a sensor which is situated within in the lock, to the home’s Wi-Fi network via a Kubu hub so it can be accessed via either a smartphone app or smart speaker in your house.

Smart locks provide the efficiency and safety of you being able to monitor your door lock from your phone, wherever you are, meaning you’ll never have to worry about leaving the house and not locking your door again.

What are the benefits of a Kubu smart lock?

There are multiple benefits to installing a smart lock, including:

  • Enhanced Security  – Smart locks enable you to check whether your door is locked, even when you’re not home. Designed for the security-conscious, Kubu smart locks, in particular, contain the UK’s largest hooks and bolts, providing that added layer of security. Not only does the lock meet the requirements of PAS 24 and Secured by Design, but it also comes with a 10 year mechanical warranty and an additional £1,000 security guarantee. Kubu Smart Locks also come with a Perimeter feature which picks up on when you’ve left home based on whether you’ve disconnected from the Wi-Fi and will alert you via your smartphone app if you’ve left home without locking your door. Every home installed with the Kubu smart door lock is secure, future-proofed and ready to be activated by the homeowner by purchasing the Kubu smart kit.
  • Monitor door activity – You may have multiple family members in your household that are in and out of the house. Kubu Smart locks can notify you via an app to let you know when the door is locked or unlocked. You can also look at a complete history of your door activity for additional monitoring and security.
  • Amazon Alexa Integrated – Kubu is not simply a standalone smart device, it integrates seamlessly into the home by communicating with your Amazon Alexa, meaning finding out the status of your door has never been easier. Simply ask Alexa questions like “Alexa, ask Kubu if my door is locked”.

How do I get a smart lock?

Hurst Doors are supplied with Kubu Equipped Door Locks as standard on the majority of doors*, meaning when you purchase a Hurst Composite Door, your door lock will be ready to receive the Kubu Smart Sensor which is part of the Kubu Smart kit.

Once your door installer has fitted your Hurst door with the Kubu lock, you then need to visit www.kubu-home.com to purchase the Kubu kit. This kit contains the Kubu Hub to connect your door to the Kubu App, batteries for your new door lock and a sensor to insert into your new door to activate the smart lock.

For more information on how a smart lock works with your composite door, speak to one of our door specialists.


*Kubu Smart Locks are not available on Hurst Doors slam shut doors or stable doors.

[1] Cost of Living Crisis: UK’s House Break-ins Skyrocket, Alexandra Security