What Door Suits My House?

We have shared our ideas on how to choose the perfect door for your style of house.

Published: 02nd August 2022

We all know that the front door is the first impression your visitors have of your house and what lies within. If you’re feeling a little embarrassed of how your house looks or you simply want to update the aesthetics, a new door can make all the difference! However, it’s important to choose a door that suits the overall look of your house and enhances its appeal.

A good place to start and the first thing to consider is whether you would like your door to be a striking contrast to the style of your house, or if you’re looking for something to complement it.

To help determine this, and to get some inspiration, why not take a walk down your street or seek out houses that are similar to your own, to see which door styles and colours most appeal to you. Browsing online is another excellent source of inspiration at your fingertips, and a great way to find homes and styles very specific to your own tastes. Make sure you capture any ideas or thoughts you have onto a mood board, either physically or digitally, to guide you on your journey to finding your dream  door.

A top tip (and one we at Hurst can certainly attest to!), is to remember that it’s nearly always your first choice that ends up being the eventual winner, so trust your instincts.

There are hundreds of door style and colour combinations to consider, so why not take a look at a few that we’ve collated over on Pinterest to help you get started?

At Hurst we have a variety of door styles to choose from. Our best-selling Classic range is designed for properties with a traditional aesthetic, often drawing inspiration from historical architecture.

Composite Four, Classic Range

Our timeless Composite Four door is by far our most popular choice and is a style that complements homes inspired by the Victorian era, with its traditional panel design and ornate glazing options. This style of door is perfect for a period property and for owners looking to retain the more traditional aesthetic, whilst still ensuring modern security, durability and thermal comfort. In contrast, this style of door can also complement modern homes if you’re looking for a door to add a touch of classic elegance.

Composite Crown, Classic Range

The traditional design of the Composite Crown, with its vertical panels and distinguishable glazed design, lends itself to the Edwardian Era or Edwardian inspired properties. Influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, this door style is charming but tends to be less ornate. An Edwardian property is likely to have red brickwork and a porchway, Mock-Tudor style cladding and dormer windows at the top of the house. Designed to feature large hallways, you often see a front door with feature side panels and a fanlight window above the door intended to flood the entrance way with light.

Composite Six and Composite Six Two, Classic Range

The Composite Six is the door to have if you own a house that originates or is influenced by the Georgian era such as a classic town house. The oldest of the three architectural styles, this door is best suited to properties that are elegant and symmetrical with light stonework in cream, white or colour brick.

With its clean and simple design, this door can easily complement the existing style of your home or make a contrasting bold statement. Tasteful and timeless, this style never goes out of fashion – or wanes in popularity! A perfect example of this style is the famous black door at No 10 Downing Street. The combination of a black finish and chrome hardware, makes a stylish statement. This door is also available in bright colours for a bolder choice that is right on trend, including yellows, blues, reds and pinks.

Composite Half, Classic Range

The Composite Half style of door is a popular choice for those are seeking to brighten a dark entrance way, due to its large, glazed area. If you’re looking for a tasteful option that you can personalise through glazing options and colour choices, the Composite Half is the perfect choice for your home. Not only does it provide a warm and welcoming feel for your property but, also proves to be as popular a style for a front door as it is a back door.

The Cottage Large Rectangle, Cottage Range

At Hurst, we have found the Cottage door is a firm favourite amongst those who dwell in the countryside, ideal for those who really want to enhance the existing rustic charm of their home. These properties typically have light, regionally distinct and/or rustic brickwork or render finish, with timber windows. With a country door style to match, this choice can make all the difference in providing a warm and welcoming entrance. Other variations within the Cottage Range that are an enduring, popular choice for this style of home are Cottage Diamond and Cottage Small Rectangle.

The Stable Door, Cottage Range

The Stable Door style has a similar aesthetic appeal to the cottage door and is suited to homes in the country or with a more rural feel. Although often considered as a back door or a door opening to the garden, stable doors can make an exceptional choice for a front door, too. Designed so that a section of the door can remain shut, whilst the top section of the door can be independently opened, they’re ideal for keeping toddlers and pets secure, whilst offering ventilation and light to any home.

In more recent times, custom built contemporary houses have increasingly become popular with those aspiring for an individual look that embraces bold, unique shapes and forms that are a huge departure from the classic architecture of Victorian or Edwardian properties.

Whether your home embraces these modern features or you’re looking to invigorate an older property, a contemporary front door with minimal mouldings and glazing will provide an attractive focal point to a home.

The Bohemia Four Rectangles, Contemporary Range

Our Contemporary Bohemia range is particularly suited to modern and contemporary properties and offers various flush door styles. The most popular are our Bohemia Four Rectangles and Bohemia Long rectangle.

More and more we are seeing these combined with minimalistic glazing options such as sandblast or Alpine or simple patterns such as the elegant Harmony Verona. In terms of colour, greys such as Anthracite Grey or Dustry Grey are popular along with Oak woodgrain, and when combined with stainless steel hardware, they make a bold and stylish statement for your home.

To help you in your search for the perfect door, head on over to our door designer and there you can view all the door styles we have to offer. We also have a clever visualiser which enables you to upload a photo of your house so that you can see if you chosen door style suits your property. If you’ve already got a door in mind, you can locate your nearest Hurst Door installer on our website.