How to Style Your Door with Door Hardware

Published: 22nd November 2023

Door furniture or door hardware not only serves practical purposes but also contributes to the aesthetics of your door, with a wide variety of styles, finishes, and designs available to match the overall décor. In this blog, we’re going to cover what door hardware is, the types of hardware options available and how to best style your door.

What is Door Hardware?
Door hardware refers to the various components and accessories that are used to secure and operate doors. These components not only enhance the functionality of doors but also contribute to their aesthetics. Door hardware or door furniture includes a wide range of items, such as:

Door Handles and Knobs: These are the most common door hardware components and used for the essential function of opening and closing doors. There are different types of door handles, typically they are lever operated but there are other types such as long Pull Handles or there are door knobs which are generally round or square.

Door Knockers: Door knockers are not just functional hardware but also charming and decorative elements which add character to doors. From traditional urn knockers to nature inspired bee or butterfly knockers, door knockers are available in all shapes and in a range of finishes to serve both a practical purpose and an aesthetic one, enhancing the visual appeal of the door.

Letterboxes or Letterplates: Letterplates, also known as letterboxes, as well as being practical, allowing for secure delivery of letters and packages while safeguarding it from the external elements, they can also complement your door aesthetics.

Door Locks: Door locks are used to secure the door and control access. At Hurst all our doors are supplied with highly engineered multi-point locking systems that include large hooks and the majority of our composite doors come Kubu equipped, providing a smart lock when paired with the Kubu App. This enables you to monitor the status of your door on your smartphone.

Door Hinges: Hinges are the pivoting mechanisms which enable doors to open and close. Hurst Doors are supplied with white SFS 2D-C hinges as standard with a further 6 alternative colour options available.

Weatherbars: Weatherbars, commonly installed at the base of the door, serve the crucial purpose of preventing rain, drafts and dirt getting into your home. The weatherbar ultimately deflects the wind and the rain, acting as a barrier against the elements, helping to keep your home clean and dry.

Choosing Door Hardware That Reflects the Style of Your Home

We know it’s important to select a style of hardware that complements your homes aesthetics. Whether you have a contemporary, modern home or a more traditional, period home, there are options available to suit all.

  • Contemporary – If your home has clean lines and minimalist design, consider sleek and simple pull handles in materials like stainless steel or powder coated matte black such as those available in our Contemporary hardware range. The range features stylish, minimalist pull handles that are designed to complement modern and contemporary doors and elevate the front of your home. Pair them with our architectural knocker to give you the perfect contemporary and sophisticated look.
  • Traditional – For a classic and traditional style, lever/ lever and lever/ pad operated handles are the preferred choice amongst homeowners. Bright Bronze, Chrome and Stainless Steel finishes seamlessly complement a traditional setting adding a touch of elegance to your front door, for example using our bullring knocker and scroll knocker. Our new nature inspired range features bee and butterfly knockers in a variety of finishes that look beautiful on any traditional style home.
  • Rustic – Homes with a rustic or cottage feel can benefit from hardware options featuring aged textures and smooth shapes such as our Antique Heritage Bullring Knocker and our Bee and Butterfly range. These choices will create a warm and inviting atmosphere for those trying to achieve a rustic charm. Our Heritage Range is beautifully crafted in Antique Black and designed to complement any door which has a rustic, authentic look,  such as a cottage, farmhouse or barn conversion.

Don’t Forget the Little Details – All Hardware Counts!

Most homeowners don’t realise that pretty much everything on their door is customisable, including door hinges and weatherbars.

While you may think that weatherbars and door hinges are purely functional, we understand that every little detail matters. That’s why we provide the option to select the colour of your hinges and weatherbars to complement your door, from white and chrome to gold and brown, we have a variety of colours to suit all door types.

Styling Your Door With Door Hardware, the Easy Way

For more information on how to choose the right door hardware for your home, our helpful video will detail everything that you need to know. Alternatively, use our ‘Find an Installer’ page to find a dedicated local door installer who can answer any questions you may have.