How a new Composite Door can help to reduce your energy bills

Published: 30th May 2023

With the current cost of living crisis, people now, more than ever before, are looking for new ways to reduce their energy bills. An online data survey revealed a 467%[i] spike in online searches for ‘how to reduce your energy bills’ at the back end of 2022, demonstrating just some of the pressure the living crisis has put on British homeowners.

So, to help be a part of the solution, we wanted to outline the positive impact a new door, in particular, a composite door, can have on your energy bills.

What is a Composite Door?

While composite doors have been around since the 1990s, this door type has evolved significantly over the last few decades. Over time, composite doors have developed in quality, efficiency and style, making composite front doors the entrance door of choice for homeowners.

Composite Doors are made up of several materials including a PVCu outer frame, a CFC-free polyurethane (PU) insulating foam core and a weather resistant 4mm Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) surface. These materials have all been specifically selected to provide a durable and secure exterior. Hurst composite doors are specially designed with an insulating core and excellent thermal properties, making them extremely efficient at keeping the heat in and the cold out in comparison to those that are made from solid timber.

In addition to insulating properties, Hurst Composite Doors give you the freedom to customise every element – from door styles and door colours to glass and hardware. Composite doors are not only a practical investment but can also add to the kerb appeal of your home or property.


composite front door


How can Hurst Composite Doors reduce your energy bill?

Composite Doors are one of the most energy-efficient doors on the market. As mentioned above, Hurst’s composite doors are made with thermally efficient materials including a high-density polyurethane foam core, giving the door an insulating thermal barrier between the warm air inside and cold air outside.

High Performance – high-performance doors are specifically designed to be weather tight and fully insulated to keep your home warmer. Our composite doors feature a high-performing insulating core, complete with a multi-chamber thermally efficient frame with a triple seal to reduce drafts and heat loss, enabling them to meet the BS:EN 6375 classification for weather tightness, air, wind and water.

Double and Triple Glazing – our composite doors are available with both double-glazed and triple-glazed designs to ensure your door is as energy efficient as possible. Our double-glazed units have an air gap to reduce the thermal transmission of hot and cold air, keeping your home warmer. With triple glazed units, the additional pane of glass creates another air gap to increase the efficiency and reduce heat loss or solar gain, therefore working in both winter and summer.

How do you measure a door’s thermal efficiency?

The thermal efficiency of a door is measured by its U-value. A U-value looks at the amount of heat that is transferred through a door and the rate it does so. The lower the number, the less heat will pass through it. Hurst composite doors have a U-value of 1.4 W/Mtr2/K or less, so you can rest assured knowing that your new composite front door will maintain the heat as well as meet the requirements of the latest building regulations.

Create your energy-efficient composite door today

Are you ready to start designing your new energy efficient composite door? We have a huge range of door styles to choose from, including a Classic Collection for traditional aesthetics, a Cottage Collection for a rustic, countryside charm and Contemporary  Collections including the Bohemia and Select for those looking for a more modern twist.

In addition to this, each door style is available in a variety of different colours, with a range of accompanying glass and hardware options.

With so many considerations, we understand choosing a new door can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created our Door Designer to help you build your dream door.