Direct Digital Glass Printing: The ultimate guide to personalisation

Using Direct Digital Glass technology, we can print your favourite photos or artwork* directly onto glass to give your home a truly personalised front door.

Published: 11th December 2019

At Hurst, we’re big believers in the power of personalisation. If you want a truly unique front door, why don’t you use our Direct Digital Glass Printing technology to print practically any* image or photograph you want onto the glazing in your new front door?

Direct Digital Glass Printing allows the ultimate in personalisation and we’re proud that we’re one of the very few door manufacturers in the UK to offer this service. In this blog post, we’ll explain the technology in more detail and answer some of the most common questions our customers ask about this truly unique style of printing.

How does printing on glass work?

Direct Digital Glass Printing involves printing a digital art file directly onto the glass. This printing method uses special UV ink and technology to print the art file onto the inner side of the glass, which is then protected by a double glaze to ensure the image doesn’t fade.

The Digital UV printing method we use provides unlimited colour options and a high-quality print, so you can be sure that any image you choose to print will look just as amazing once it’s installed into your front door.

What type of glass is used in Direct Digital Glass Printing?

We use 4mm toughened glass at Hurst and Hurst customers have the choice of a clear or sandblast backing glass, providing different levels of privacy without compromising on security.

Can I print my favourite images on any type of front door?

Yes. We can use Direct Digital Glass Printing on U-PVC doors and Composite doors.

Can I really print any image I want onto my front door?

The only thing we’re restricted by are copyright licenses, which means we can’t print things like film and TV characters, football teams or any other intellectual property licenses without permission of the copyright holder.

That aside, the only thing you’re limited by is your imagination. We’ve had customers print photos of their pets, beautiful landscapes and a variety of abstract and geometrical designs. If you’ve got a favourite image but you’re struggling to find a high-quality version of it, we can help by supplying you with examples of something similar (subject to an additional surcharge).

What glass styles are best for Direct Digital Glass Printing?

We wouldn’t want to limit you when it comes to printing on different glass styles, so we’re delighted to say that we can print your digital art file onto any of our styles. The only thing you’ll need to consider is that the size of your digital art file may be restricted depending on the glass style of your door. We’ve found that customers tend to prefer the half-glazed styles in Composite doors and Alnwick, Balmoral and Canterbury styles in the UPVC doors, as these larger glazed panels allow for a larger print area.

If you’re looking for a new front door but you’re not sure what style you’re looking for, browse our complete collection of both Composite and UPVC doors at