Customer Q&A: Why Mr Drake-Knight Chose Hurst Doors

We love to see pictures of our doors once they’ve been installed and every month we give away a £100 Amazon voucher to a homeowner that shares a picture of their new Hurst door with us online.

Published: 14th January 2020

December’s lucky homeowner competition winner was Nick-Drake Knight, who shared pictures of his new Composite Four door in Pastel Blue with Chrome hardware including a scroll knocker. We asked Nick why he chose to come home to a Hurst door.

Q: What made you decide to buy a new front door?

We thought it was about time for an upgrade! The old door was battered and bruised and there was a draft coming through.

Q: What made you choose a Hurst door?

It was recommended by my local supplier but the choice of design, colours and accessories won us over in comparison to other manufacturers.

Q: Tell us about your door, what style did you go for and why?

I wanted a simple design that wasn’t too fussy. I chose a frosted glass design as it allowed a lot of natural light to flood into the home whilst maintaining my privacy. I also consider myself lucky because my daughter is a product designer, so she was able to give me lots of advice to help find the perfect design.

Q: Please tell us what you like most about your new Hurst door. It’s solid, feels secure and it has a feel of quality about it.

Q: Describe your new Hurst door in three words. Quality, security, class.


We’re delighted that Nick chose a Hurst door for his home! If his words have inspired you to invest in a brand-new entrance to your home, browse our range of Composite or PVC-U doors to find your dream door.


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