Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Door, Home and Garden

If you want to make the entrance to your home more welcoming and a touch more merry this festive season, why not try one of our Christmas decoration ideas?

Published: 01st December 2021

There really is something magical about driving down a street filled with beautifully decorated homes on a crisp, wintery night.

If you want to make the entrance to your home more welcoming and a touch more merry this festive season, why not try one of our Christmas decoration ideas?

  1. Gift wrap your front door

Create a simple, yet very effective statement with the addition of a huge ribbon to finish your front door!

To wrap your front door, use a lightweight ribbon in two lengths, one long enough to drape from top to bottom and one horizontally across the width of your door. Simply tie the two lengths together in the middle in a bow, as if wrapping your front door like a gift.

Top tip: choose a silky or velvet ribbon for a luxurious finish and to prevent any scratches or damage to your door.


  1. Potted Christmas trees are perfect for porches

Who says Christmas trees are only for indoors?

Extend the festive cheer to your entranceway with a potted Christmas tree. Choose either a real or an artificial tree and decorate it with baubles, lights and even a festive tree topper to complement your front door or garden space.


  1. Finish with a festive wreath

If you’re a fan of no-fuss festive decorations, a wreath is a classic and easy way to spruce up your door so it’s ready for the Christmas season. Choose from the huge range that are available to buy ready-made or get creative and craft your own. You will find lots of inspiration on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube with videos on how to create a beautiful Christmas wreath. Whether you choose to make your own or buy the finished article, there are plenty of options available from traditional, minimal, rustic or vivid colours with a high impact.

Top tip: adding fairy lights to your wreath will ensure it is dressed to impress once the sun goes down.


  1. Add a pop of colour with plants

It’s always a good idea to add seasonal colours such as red and white to your planters and garden during the festive season.

Here are some of our favourite plants, which are all ideal for sprucing up your entranceway and creating a warm welcome to your abode during the Christmas holidays:

  • Poinsettia
    A traditional and classic Christmas plant with bright red flowers.
  • Winter heathers
    Low maintenance and can be adorned with fairy lights to really embody the Christmas spirit.
  • Pansies
    The undisputed star of a winter garden. They can be found in an array of colours to suit your Christmas décor and are small enough to look great in pots and planters.


  1. Light it up

Even on cold dark winter evenings, a well-lit porch and entrance offer a friendly and inviting welcome for friends and loved ones.

If you’d like to illuminate your doorway this festive season, make sure your lights are made for outdoor use and string a cluster of lights around your front door.

Choose a style that will complement your home, your door and the rest of your Christmas decorations to really extend your festive cheer. With brightly coloured bulbs, soft gold and white lights, or even icicle shaped string lights to add a winter wonderland finish to your home, there are plenty of ways to make your entrance sparkle with festive cheer this Christmas.


And finally… make it personal

However you choose to decorate the entrance to your home this festive season, make sure that it represents your own unique taste and style. If you prefer to add a playful twist to your Christmas decorating, why not add some hanging mistletoe or a sign for Santa Claus? Or if you’re more understated in your style, choose hurricane lanterns or battery-operated pillar candles to add an ethereal glow to welcome your visitors.

Whatever your style, we’d love to see how you prepare your home for Christmas! Tag us in your photos @HurstDoors on Twitter and Instagram.

To see our favourite ways to dress your front door for Christmas, click here to take a look at our latest Pinterest board.

P.S Don’t forget to give your door a clean before you add your decorations. All you need is a lint free cloth and some warm soapy water.

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