Ensuring Safety with Hurst Composite Fire Doors

Published: 23rd May 2024

In today’s construction landscape, fire safety remains a top priority for building owners and occupants alike. Fire doors are integral components of any fire safety strategy, providing critical protection in the event of a fire. At Hurst Doors, we are committed to delivering superior fire door solutions. In this detailed guide, we explore the intricacies of UK fire door regulations and how our Composite Fire Doors excel in meeting these standards.

Understanding UK Fire Door Regulations:

Fire door regulations in the UK are governed by a set of stringent standards aimed at ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings in the event of a fire. These regulations encompass various aspects, including fire resistance, smoke control, and accessibility. Compliance with standards such as BS 476-22 and BS EN 1634-1 is essential for fire door manufacturers to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.

Fire Door Testing and Certification:Fire Door Furnace Test

Hurst Fds Composite Fire Doors have undergone rigorous testing procedures to validate their performance under fire conditions. Our composite fire doors have been subjected to a series of standardised tests, including bi-directional fire resistance tests and smoke control tests, to assess their ability to contain fire and smoke in real-world scenarios. Additionally, Third Party Certification from reputable testing organisations, such as BM Trada further validates the quality and reliability of our composite fire doors, providing assurance to building owners and regulatory authorities.

Supply Chain Transparency and Quality Control:

Maintaining transparency and quality control throughout the supply chain is paramount in ensuring the integrity of fire doors. fds (Fire Door Systems) exercises strict control over its supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to the manufacturing of the finished products. Each component undergoes thorough inspection and quality testing to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and product specifications. By prioritising transparency and quality control, Hurst Composite Fire Doors consistently deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Fire Door Installation and Maintenance:

Proper installation and regular maintenance are essential factors in maximising the effectiveness of fire doors. All Hurst Composite Fire Doors are supplied with detailed instructions provided to installers. Additionally, our composite fire doors are equipped as standard with features such as pre-applied intumescent strips and auto-throw locks to enhance their performance during a fire. Regular maintenance and inspection schedules ensure that fire doors remain in optimal condition, ready to protect occupants and property in the event of an emergency.


In conclusion, Hurst Composite Fire Doors represent the pinnacle of fire door technology, offering unparalleled safety and reliability in accordance with UK fire door regulations. With their rigorous testing, third-party certification, and commitment to quality control, Hurst composite fire doors set the standard for excellence in the industry. Partner with Hurst Doors to access a fire door solution tailored to meet your specific needs. Together, we can create safer environments for building occupants and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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