2024 Door Makeover: Embracing the Colours of the Year

Published: 30th November 2023

The start of a new year often mark a time for change and for some, beginning the year on a high means getting around to making those home improvements you’ve been planning to do for a while. If replacing your front door is one of the jobs on the list, and you’re wondering what colour to choose, then we’d highly recommend taking a read through this blog to gain insight from multiple leading paint brands into their Colour of the Year 2024.


What are the predicted colours?

Every year, leading paint brands including Valspar, Dulux and Benjamin Moore release their ‘Colour of the Year 2024’, and this year was no different.

Similar to 2023’s pastel door colour trend, this year’s predicted colours include pinks, bluey greens and a blend of blue and violets. Let’s take a look at what these are in more detail…


Renew Blue

Valspar’s Colour of the Year 2024, as described by Valspar, is a ‘nourishing, green-influenced blue that creates a sense of peace wherever you place it’.

Both blue and green doors have been popular throughout the years across all seasons, so it’s no surprise to us to see these colours combined as a trending colour. This shade evokes a sense of serenity and natural beauty, seamlessly blending the calming qualities of blue with the vibrancy of nature’s lush greens.

This unique colour combination often reflects a harmonious connection between the built environment and the surrounding landscape. A green-tinged blue door can transport us to tranquil seaside cottages, where the door’s hue mirrors the ocean’s depths, or to idyllic countryside homes, where it mirrors the rolling fields and verdant foliage. Whether used in coastal, rustic, or contemporary settings, this palette choice creates a welcoming and balanced atmosphere.

Hurst offers various colours that are similar to Renew Blue, such as our Duck Egg. This colour works beautifully across doors of all styles, in particular cottage-style properties.


Sweet Embrace

Pastel pinks are something which have been popular over the last few years, and Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2024 is no exception.

Similar to Dulux’s ‘Sweet Embrace’, Hurst’s ‘Dusty Pink’ composite door colour adds a calming and soft feel to your door which oozes sophistication.

This delicate shade of pink, reminiscent of blooming flowers or a pastel sunset, offers a touch of femininity without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. A light pink door can be a striking contrast to traditional or neutral facades, adding a subtle and inviting pop of colour that resonates with a sense of warmth and friendliness.

This choice can be particularly delightful for cottage-style homes, period homes, or contemporary designs, making it the perfect versatile colour for all tastes.

Similar to ‘Dusty Pink’, our ‘Pastel Violet’ shade provides the same soft, feminine tones to really transform your doorway. These colours perfectly match with bright bronze, gold or chrome door furniture, we also see homeowners pair our brass and nickel bee knocker range with these shades to create a striking contrast.


Blue Nova
Another blue has made the Colour of the Year 2024. This time, with Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year ‘Blue Nova’. We’ve seen a rise of blue doors over the year, and it looks like it’s not slowing down either.

This colour conveys a sense of timeless sophistication and strength, making a bold statement while maintaining an air of classic elegance. This rich, deep shade of blue often evokes a feeling of confidence and security, welcoming visitors with a sense of stability and trust.

Similar to Blue Nova, our ‘Celeste Blue’ is an excellent choice for those seeking a timeless and striking focal point that exudes a sense of confidence and reliability. While we’ve seen blues more commonly on traditional style doors, that’s not to say this colour can’t work across any style door.

If you love the blue colour trend but are not sure about the shade, we have a wide range of blue door colours* including Pigeon Blue, Powder Blue, Traffic Blue, Violet Blue, Peacock Blue and many more.


Choose Your Dream Door Colour

Whether you’ve been inspired by the Colour Trends of 2024, or are looking for something different, our comprehensive guide to Choosing the Right Door Colour For Your Composite Door should help you reach that decision.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the perfect door colour for your composite door. From the overall aesthetic of your home including the style of your property and surrounding colours to your personal style, we understand that there are a lot of things to consider.

That’s why we offer over 1,600 RAL composite door colours ensuring you will be able to find your dream door colour