Hurst redefines its composite door

Published: 13th September 2023

Hurst Doors has launched a new campaign aimed at changing the way the industry approaches composite door sales, launching an innovative new offer and wealth of tools to help its customers win more business.

Launched this month, Hurst is rolling out its new composite door collection ‘You’re Home With Hurst’.

The campaign is built around a wealth of new marketing tools integrating print, video – and new digital tools.

“Our customers include retail specialists to independent installers”, explained Hayley Barker, Head of Marketing, Hurst.

“Some have seasoned sales professionals within their teams, others are selling and doing the fitting themselves.

“What we’ve tried to do is create something for everybody, with new literature and QR code-linked sales videos, using professional presenters to communicate everything from thermal

performance to colour options and security.”

Filled with stunning lifestyle imagery, the new ‘You’re Home with Hurst’ 65-page lifestyle brochure sits at the centre of this fully integrated retail sales campaign.

It features Hurst’s extensive range of composite door styles including Classic, Cottage, Contemporary and Designer collections, plus its extensive choice of furniture, colour and glass options.

It also explains door performance in simple and easy-to-understand terms, with additional explanation of performance delivered in short professionally created videos, accessed via a QR code.

“It’s almost like having an additional sales team on the ground”, continued Hayley. “Homeowners can access a wealth of information in the brochure but also if they want further explanation, they can scan the QR code and access a professionally created product walk-through.

“It’s a great tool to complement your own sales process or do the heavy lifting, if you’re a smaller business without so many salespeople on the road, because it helps to level the playing field.”

Hurst announced significant investment in its composite door offer in the summer with the addition of a new beam saw and two edge-banders to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The new beam saw moves door cutting-to-size to a dedicated process, freeing up capacity across Hurst’s three pre-existing CNCs, also reducing wear and tear on parts.

The two new automated edge-banders, further improve quality and support product development including the addition of the SFS Dynamic 2D-C Hinge, to Hurst’s composite door ranges.

Hayley continued: “People know us for PVC-U panels but we also manufacture more than 500 composite doors each week.

“We want to make it easier for every one of our customers to tap into those opportunities by helping them to sell their composite door offer more effectively to the homeowner.”